Reimagining The Blue Carbon Landscape

We’re a team of passionate individuals coming together to harness the power of blue carbon.

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Our Origins

In 2018, John Vermilye, a long-time ocean advocate, started looking into blue carbon as a way to mitigate the residual footprints of his travel security business. John and Antoinette Vermilye, as Co-Founders of the Gallifrey Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting ocean conservation initiatives worldwide, were already active in marine conservation.

Yet, what they have found on blue carbon, left them disappointed. Through The Gallifrey Foundation, they started a year-long research project looking into the blue carbon market, which culminated in the 2020 Blue Carbon – Mind the Gap report. They discovered the market’s untapped potential to restore ecosystems, combat climate change and support local communities, but they also found that the market was underdeveloped, fragmented and inaccessible due to its technical complexity, with only a handful of certified blue carbon projects worldwide.

The solution was obvious; lower the barriers to creating credible and successful blue carbon projects and bridge the gap between local communities, investors, corporations and philanthropists. This realisation led to the establishment of Fair Carbon, which brings together a group of passionate individuals to support the stewards of coastal and marine ecosystems with information and capacity building they need to champion a more resilient and regenerative future for our beautiful planet.

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Our Purpose

Our coastal and marine ecosystems play an essential role in our planet’s health. These diverse landscapes are critical to climate regulation, offer habitat for various species, and provide livelihoods for millions of people across the globe. Yet, researchers estimate that over the past fifty years, half of the world’s mangroves, tidal marshes, and thirty percent of global seagrass meadows have been lost.

The health and resilience of these habitats play a vital role in the future of our planet. We exist to support stewards of these ecosystems to protect and regenerate their lands. Unfortunately, various barriers currently prevent communities, investors and local stakeholders from accessing the resources they need to do so.

Driven by our purpose, our mission is to facilitate the development and growth of a high-integrity blue carbon market for the many, not the few. Through these efforts, we are contributing to build nature markets that give communities and organizations, regardless of their size or location, a chance to play a role in protecting and restoring these beautiful ecosystems.

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Our Vision

At Fair Carbon, we dare to dream of a world where we have harnessed the potential of blue carbon and unleashed the power of coastal and marine ecosystems to create a regenerative future for our planet and its people.

We envision a world where local communities benefit from their efforts to protect and restore natural habitats. A world where their collaborative work is rewarded fairly and equitably, enabling them to provide for their families, and build a future for their communities with pride.

In this world, a high-integrity carbon and nature market is booming, and is an integral part of the global economy. Diverse voices from around the world - scientists, policymakers, business leaders, indigenous peoples and conservationists - come together to develop and implement strategies to achieve planetary-scale conservation and restoration.

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Our Values

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Local Projects

We support local communities working to protect, restore, and expand their natural resources by making blue carbon science and methodologies accessible and easy to understand.

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Collaboration over

We prioritize collaboration over competition, fostering partnerships and working together to increase transparency in the markets and achieve shared goals.

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Project Development

We are committed to enabling ethical, high-integrity restoration that is scientifically sound and prioritizes community engagement and project longevity.

Our Team



Frank Vorhies

African Wildlife Economy Institute (AWEI)

Leah Glass

Blue Ventures & Silvestrum Climate Associates

Ben Brown

Charles Darwin University

Jennifer Howard

Conservation International

Mark Huxham

Edinburgh Napier University

Luc Cuyvers

Gallifrey Foundation

Dan Laffoley


James Kairo

Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

Carl Gustaf Lundin


Rajesh Chandy

London Business School

Suraj A. Vanniarachchy

Macquarie Group

Sigit Sasmito

National University of Singapore

Jared Moore

National University of Singapore

Eva Schoof

Plan Vivo Foundation

Emily Landis

The Nature Conservancy

Sebastian Thomas


Magaret Owuor

University of Bern

Want to join the team and have an impact on the world?

We are always in search of the best science, policy, technical and financial experts in blue carbon and carbon project development. To be considered for future openings, submit your C.V. or Resume and a Cover Letter detailing your expertise and interest in Fair Carbon.