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(Beta) Enabling Policy Conditions Map

Blue Carbon Project Enabling Conditions Map

The Blue Carbon Enabling Policy Conditions map shows the status of national policies related to blue carbon policy development in 21 mangrove countries. Fair Carbon reviews existing legislation, land tenure and carbon rights frameworks, and ongoing policy developments in mangrove countries to identify challenges to project development.

This map is meant to help voluntary blue carbon market projects assess feasibility, and determine if projects require additional time and labour to overcome legislative or policy hurdles. Note that policy conditions change frequently, and that every project must confirm their legal right to operate prior to project implementation.

To use this map: click on "View larger map", Countries with a completed profile include information on current policy status, land tenure and carbon rights frameworks, and a descriptions of project development hurdles, if applicable. For more information on a specific country, click "More Information" at the bottom of the country pop-up.

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Countries in green have enabling conditions conducive to mangrove carbon project development, and/or have existing mangrove carbon projects. Countries in yellow have policy hurdles that can be resolved by working closely with local organisations and authorities throughout the project development process. Countries in red face several hurdles to blue carbon project development, or have policies which preclude VCM project development altogether.

Update: Fair Carbon is in the process of improving our analysis by including a wider range of policies and additional information relevant to blue carbon projects.